Supporting Sean

May 19, 2008

Our friend and fellow Sequani activist Sean Kirtley was remanded and awaits sentencing in relation to the 18 week Sequani trial and Operation Tornado.

Please send him your messages of solidarity and support!

Sean Kirtley (WC6977), HMP Birmingham Prison, Winson Green Road, Birmingham B18 4AS

We will find out what can be sent to Sean in prison very soon,

You can add Sean on MySpace here.


3 Responses to “Supporting Sean”

  1. Sue Oliver said

    This is crazy and totally unjust. While offenders of serious crimes can get off with community service or less because of overcrowding in prisons, a peaceful animal rights campaigner, exercising his democratic right to freedom of speech, gets banged up.

  2. Iain Gibson said

    Just a thought, and you may already have tried this, but has anyone contacted Amnesty International regarding Sean’s case? They have made quite a strong statement regarding the Austrian AR activists who have been remanded without charge for 16 days using similar powers to SOCPA.


    Once the govt knows it can silence one protest community with these draconian powers, it will surely extend its reach to others.

  3. Sunny said


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