Sean Kirtley Moved Prison!

August 21, 2008

Same prisoner number…

Sean Kirtley WC 6977
HMP Stafford
ST16 3AW

FYI Seans Birthday is 11th December

Seans new prison does not allow stamps to be sent please include a Self Addressed envelope if you want a reply from Sean.


One Response to “Sean Kirtley Moved Prison!”

  1. Then, MILLIONS of protesters worldwide, working night and day to end animal abuse, should be in prison!!! Sean has been made the scapegoat of cruel, corrupt officials who have a finger in the $$$ pie! The judge, including his cohorts belong in the same camp as live-skinners of small animals, the “scientists” who do tests on animals, those workers who kick and stomp on turkeys and chickens, armies ie. American, who use animals in their manouvers killing and maiming them as they play with their warfare toys, live skinning of horses, cruelty to pigs…. need I go on?
    Can this judge sleep at night? I doubt it.

    Stay strong Sean! You are our hero!


    Don’t worry Sean, this is not the end of it by FAR!

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