Sean Kirtley was imprisoned by the state after an 18 week trial which was at the time the longest running animal rights trial in history.

He tirelessly campaigned against animal abuse and was always protesting against fur, foie gras and most notably Sequani labs in Ledbury.

Sean along with many others had his door smashed in and his house raided by police back in 2006 as part of “Operation Tornado” which was designed to start a case and try and lock up peaceful animal rights campaigners using new SOCPA legislation which was created to protect the vivisection industry from effective campaigners such as Sean and the Sequani defendants.

So what did Sean do to be imprisoned?

Did he intimidate someone? No
Did he use direct action to further the campaign against Sequani? No
Did he even swear on a protest? Nope

He was behind the SSAT (Stop Sequani Animal Testing) website and was seen by the police as the organiser of many the demonstrations against Sequani and suppliers of Sequani. He never himself actually broke the law during any protests, the police were present for most of the demonstrations he attended.

He was found guilty of Conspiracy to interfere with contractual relationships so as to harm animal research organisation. This has landed Sean in prison.

For more information about the trial and operation tornado.

Check out the Sequani website.


8 Responses to “About Sean”

  1. He was speaking the truth about the suffering of the animals being tested on. Others can make their own decisions about whether they are ok with working with that piece of truth or not. That isn’t conspiracy. Particularly since this pointing out the truth of the trauma and suffering of these animals was stated outright–on a public website, no less! That is not conspiracy.

  2. Jake Bach said

    its so sad that the small minority of people good enough to sacrifice them selfes to a cause are treated like terrorists! it just goes to show the kind of society we live in. A.C.A.B

  3. Solidarity said

    Untill the last cage is empty guys. Gotta keep up the fight.

  4. Ellie said

    This is ridiculous, do police have nothing better to do?
    Atleast Sean knows his forever the better guy.

  5. Keep up the fight – spread the word… Hopefully the more effort that’s spent to silence us the louder our voices become… For the animals; until the last cage is empty.

  6. Sophie said

    I’m a freelance journalist writing a piece on the erosion of civil liberties, of which Sean is sadly just one case study. I’ll be sending him a copy in prison- and one to Brown and Jacqui Smith. Rise up!

  7. Rama Snowy Le Blonde Sing said

    I am glad Sean is free. Freedom is what this is all about. Free to move, free to walk in the woods and see the flowers, free to meet with whoever one’s heart is closest to. So much freedom is needed for animals to do these things in their own little world unmolested by humans. I am sure Sean will now use his freedom to enjoy the sunshine once again and then extend this vital right to those dear creatures imprisoned in labs up and down the country.

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