Carnival Against Vivisection – Solidarity Action for Sean

Letter: Police action at protest
12th September 2008 – Ledbury Reporter

Protest was part of plan to close down Sequani
12th September 2008 – Ledbury Reporter

Protest over jailed Malvern animal rights activist results in arrests
11th September 2008 – Malvern Gazette

Large crowds turn out for protest
6th September 2008 – Ledbury Reporter

Animal rights activists stage Ledbury protest
6th September 2008 – Hereford Times

Protest takes to the streets
6th September 2008 – Ledbury Reporter

Demo supports jailed Sean Kirtley
5th September 2008 – Malvern Gazette

Riot police on standby for Sequani demo
5th September 2008 – Hereford Times

Animal protesters to hold ‘carnival’
27th August 2008 – Herefordshire Journals

Police call to protest organisers
23rd August 2008 – Hereford Times

Trial and Sentencing

Judge who jailed animal activist is hunter
21st July 2008 – Telegraph

Animal rights protester appeals against sentence
11th July 2008 – Ledbury Reporter

Judge who sentenced animal rights activist was fan of blood sports
10th July 2008 – Independent

Activist jailed after trying to close firm
21st June 2008 – Worcester News

Animal rights activist who targeted Ledbury firm is jailed
20th June 2008 – Ledbury Reporter (archived no link)

Run an Anti Corporate Site, Go to Jail
17th June 2008 –

Animal rights activist jailed
13th June 2008 – Hereford Times

Serious Implications for Freedom of Speech as Activist Jailed for 4.5 years
11th June 2008 – Indymedia UK

Guinea Pigged
6th June 2008 – The Schnews

Lengthy Op Leads To Animal Rights Convictions
4th June 2008 – Police Oracle

Organised crime law crushes animal rights duo
4th June 2008 – The Register

Take me to your leader
16th May 2008 – The Schnews


One Response to “Press”

  1. Paul said

    Just want to leave a note and say that I payed attention to the your websites on my weblog

    On this weblog I publish worldwide animal and animal rights news. I am a Dutch freelance journalist and involved with the Dutch/Belgium/French anti vivisection coalition actiongroup (, for whom I write articles, do research (Philip Morris animallabs) and now and then join protests in the Netherlands and Holland.

    Well, I wish you strenght and just know that there are also people outside the UK who are in their thoughts with you!

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